Meet Our Team

The People Who Work Hard Behind Your Fabrics. The Best Quality That You Can Rely On

James Wang

Owner & CEO

James Wang is an excellent entrepreneur, husband and father. He set up the company with passion about safety, helping his employees and making them feel at home in the company. Everyone’s abilities are fully utilized. 

Bob Wang

Production Manager

Bob has worked on production of all sizes. Over 20 years, he prides himself on being able to handle any challenge that comes his way. He always puts the needs of quality and customers first. We can always trust him.

Violet Guo

Sales Manager

Violet has worked in the industry for over 10 years. One of the best in her field. She is a quick learner and has a knack for understanding complex projects. She’s always happy to help you find the best solution whereever she can.

Zhu Fengdi


Ms. Zhu has always been interested in numbers and loved working with them to help businesses grow. Zhu is meticulous in her work and finds it extremely fulfilling to help company succeed financially. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga.

Zhang Huijie

Sourcing Manager

Ms. Zhang’s willing to go the extra mile for her team. She’s friendly with people and loves to laugh. She is very helpful to the teamwork and always knows how to choose reliable suppliers with a cost advantage. 

Liu Yang

Storage & Logistics

Yang is dedicated to ensuring all materials are properly stored and tracked, order shipments. We are grateful for all she does to keep things running smoothly. Our customers always receive what they need exactly.