Market Sectors

Unleash Safety, Embrace Comfort

Flame Retardant Fabrics for Every Need

Our quality flame-retardant fabrics cater to a diverse range of market sectors, providing reliable solutions for industrial workwear, fire services, military and police uniforms, children’s sleepwear, mattress safety, and garment manufacturing.

With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we offer top-notch flame-resistant textiles that empower industries and individuals to embrace safety without compromising on comfort. Explore the versatile applications and discover how we safeguard specific needs across the industries.

Protect Your Workforce with High-Performance Flame Retardant Protective Textiles

Engineered for industrial workplaces, our fabric ensures fire resistance, heat protection, and durability for optimal worker safety.

Unyielding Protection for Courageous Firefighters

Trusted by firefighters, our fabric withstands extreme heat, providing unmatched protection in life-saving situations.

Military & Police

Armor-like Protection for the Brave Protectors

Reinforcing military and police uniforms, our resilient fabric safeguards personnel in challenging and hazardous scenarios.

Sweet Dreams, Maximum Comfort

Offering peace of mind to parents, our fabric ensures children’s sleepwear is flame-retardant and safe for a sound slumber.

Children's Sleepwear


Your Bed's First Line of Defense Against Fire

Enhancing fire safety at home, our fire socks fabrics, available in multiple fiber blends, protect mattresses, reducing the risk of fire-related incidents.

Empowering Garment Manufacturers with Versatile FR trims & accessories

Collaborate with us to craft your protective wear using our one-stop solution of flame-retardant trims &  accessories, ensuring safety and compliance.

FR Accessories