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The Importance of Consistent Quality in FR Fabrics

As a sourcing manager in the workwear manufacturing industry, you have certainly encountered firsthand how quality fluctuations of flame resistant fabrics can cause production delays and financial losses. As FR safety requirements continue to increase in response to changing safety regulations, maintaining consistent standards for fabric quality is vital and can be chanllenging….

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What do you need to know about EN 20471 Standard?

Approximately 340 million occupational accidents occur each year. Due to low visibility, most accidents involve heavy machines and moving vehicles hitting workers. So, it is a must to wear safety workwear of high-visibility materials by law. In Europe, EN 20471 standard sets the requirements for such clothing.  What are the classifications for different high visibility

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Quick Guide: Flammability Test for Fabric Buyers (Step by Step)

Are you looking to purchase flame-resistant (FR) fabric but unsure where to start? Do you need help understanding the different test methods used to measure materials as flame resistant? In this guide, I will break down the process of the fabric flammable test step by step. You can quickly implement it in your own office

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How Can I tell if the Fabric I purchased is Flame Resistant?

We know that millions of fabrics in the market claim to be flame resistant (FR), but some sellers use cheap or fake materials to earn huge profits and risk your business and brand. If you are looking to find a way to evaluate flame-resistant performance, distinguish between inferior and qualified flame-resistant fabrics, and get saved

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heat and flame protection

Does Your FR Fabric Provide All-Around Protection?

Heat and flame hazards are most common in the workplace. According to OSHA, workplace fires cause about 200 deaths and more than 5,000 injuries annually. A piece of thoroughly tested and certified flame-resistant clothing can provide sufficient protection to workers. With so many different FR fabric manufacturers on the market, how can you be sure

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is polyester flame resistant

Is Polyester Flame Resistant?

Polyester is a versatile and popular fabric, a staple of the textile industry. According to Global Market Insights, polyester had a $91.7 billion market valuation in 2020. If you work in the welding, firefighting, or molten steel industries, the question racking your mind is probably this: is polyester flame resistant? Polyester is not flame resistant;

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Why is Modacrylic the Trending Inherent FR Fabrics for Protective Clothing?

The flame-resistant protective clothing market is booming, thanks to a demand boost caused by the increasing need for occupational health & safety. But one name stands head and shoulders above the rest: modacrylic fabrics. Modacrylic fabrics have become popular in recent years for their unique blend of properties that make them ideal for a variety

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