flame retardant woven fabric


Innovative blends incorporated with high-performance materials

Our high-tech line of flame-resistant woven fabric, designed to add the increased performance of multi-risk protection, arc resistance, molten metal splash, global compliance to the protective fabrics. More fabric options to fit the specific needs of the end-user. Rely on our market-driven innovation in R & D, fabrics with new blends are developed each year. They are supplied to clients after tested, widely used for oil & gas, fire services, air force, utilities, metallurgy, emergency rescue, etc.


Protection from the electrical arc. For power and utility industries.


Molten metal splash protection. From D2, E2 to D3 E3 level.

Fundamental heat & flame protection with multi-norm compliance.

FlamPro Plus

Upgraded technology offers heat & flame protection for broader applications.

Benefits from Your Committed FR Fabrics Manufacturer

  • Customization

    Woki FR has ability to research and development on your demand or actual sample.

  • Free Sample

    Woki FR offer free fabric swatches for your testing & evaluation. No risk for a start.

  • Low Minimums

    Trial productions with low quantity to 80-100 meters, allows you to implement any pilot runs.

  • Quality Assurance

    3-Phase inspection standard developed to ensure finished product not only meet safety standards but also in a good physical quality.





What Set Us Apart From the Other Competitors

  • Comfort and Durability

    Inherent flame retardant fibers give the fabric its lightweight properties, providing durable protection without sacrificing comfort

  • Multi-Risk Protection

    Made from modacrylic fiber which makes it easy to blend with other materials. This provides mutiple protection, ensuring that you're safe at a complex of workplace

  • Versatile Application

    Based on modacrylic, WOKI developed range of fabrics used in a variety of applications, including safety, military, police, fire services, mattress and children's wear.

  • Beyond FR

    With know-how textile processing, we offer consistent shrinkage rate and fabric strength other than the flame resistance only.

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