Why Woki FR

8 reasons you want to work with us

Woki FR is your valuable choice for safety, comfort, budget, and quality.

Quality Material

Only finest blend materials from brand suppliers to produce the fabrics. This ensures durability and long-lasting protection.

Rigorous Testing

We subjects all its fabrics to stringent testing procedures to guarantee safety, ensuring they meet and exceed industry standards for flame resistance.

Custom Solutions

Customized solutions to suit specific needs. Whether specific fabric blends or unique requirements on colors, weights, widths, performance, and level of protection

Global Supply

With our extensive export capabilities, Woki can deliver its high-quality flame retardant fabrics anywhere globally, ensuring businesses globally have access to its top-tier products.


Woki's fabrics are versatile and find use in various applications, from protective wear to children's pajamas and mattress fire socks.


Woki is committed to minimizing environmental impact, employing eco-friendly practices in its manufacturing processes.


With 15 years of experience in the industry, Woki has the expertise to provide consultation and advice on the best flame retardant fabric solutions for different needs.


Woki provides excellent customer service, offering support and guidance post-purchase to ensure customer satisfaction.

Niche Focus

For over 15 years, we have focused on research and development of modacrylic technical fabrics. This enables us to grow into a leading manufacturer of inherently flame retardant fabrics for a wide range of applications.



we have built up a complete body of knowledge of technical textiles, and an extensive network of suppliers. This means that we can meet the custom demand of different customers. We always act as a partner to our customers, by providing valuable insight and advice that will benefit their business.

Cost Balance

We use SEVEL modacrylic fiber to make most of our flame retardant fabrics. And since 2004, we are the leading distributor of modacrylic fibers in China. This allows us to offer cost-effective products with consistent quality.


Quality control

ISO9001 quality management system certified, Audit of all aspects of the production process. Quality inspection to implement the American Standard 4-point system evaluation standards. Each batch of fabrics is tested before delivery.

Better Comfort

Thanks to 15 years of experience in textiles processing and the extensive knowledge of the FR industry, we produce technical fabrics with a higher level of comfort. This sets us apart from other competitors.


Not being rigid, not sticking to old frames, and being ready to change. It allowed us to always take a position in a rapidly changing market nowadays. We are able to respond to different types of business, whether you are garment manufacturer, end-user, brand manufacturer, or distributor.

Working on a Project?

We provide valuable and fit-for-purpose advice on your project