Flame Retardant & Waterproof fabrics


Moda-Multi is a line of multiple layers of FR fabrics that provide flame-resistant protection and breathable water-proof properties. It also combines arc flash resistance, chemical splash, electrical static, and high visibility properties.

It maximizes your value of money when buying flame-resistant PPE. It features Woki’s advanced lamination FR technology, which is supported by our unique backing layer solution integrated with various functional woven fabrics. The final products can meet global market standards. Bonded with durable & flexible TPU/PU or PTFE membrane, PU/PVC coating, the finished fabric is designed to have multiple layers known as 2L, 2.5L, and 3L according to specific performance requirements.

Layers System



The outer layer is the face fabric, which is usually made of a durable material like nylon or polyester. The inner layer is a waterproof and breathable membrane, which is bonded to the face fabric. This type of construction is typically used in lighter weight garments.



It’s similar to the 2L construction, but with the addition of a half layer on the inside. This half layer is usually a printed or sprayed-on coating that helps protect the waterproof membrane from abrasion and wear. This type of construction is typically used in mid-weight garments.



It’s the most durable and heavy-duty construction, with a face fabric, a waterproof and breathable membrane, and a protective inner layer. This inner layer can be a separate fabric lining or a thin coating on the membrane. This type of construction is typically used in heavy-duty or high-performance garments.

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Main Industries

Main Applications

ItemsFiber BlendsFabric WeightFabric WidthApplicationPPE StandardsProduct
Multi FR AS Soft ShellPolyester/AS/Elastane, FR fleece backing350 g/m²-400 g/m²147cmSoft Shell JacketEN11612 EN11611 EN1149-5 EN13034 EN20471 IEC61482-2 EN343View Fabric
Multi FR AS HFR 300Polyester/AS oxford, FR knit backing350 g/m²147cmRainwearEN11612 EN11611 EN1149-5 EN13034 EN20471 IEC61482-2 EN343View Fabric
Multi FR HFR 200FR tricot knit with PU Coating160 g/m², 220 g/m²147cmRainwearEN11612 EN343 View Fabric

Features & Benefits

  • Air permeability

    Lamination of breathable flame retardant membrane, offers comfort for wearer under foul weather. Long hours of work activities without heat stress.

  • DWR Performance

    The fabric offers durable water repellence under various water pressure indicators. It does not lose much, even after repeated washing.

  • Stretchable

    A combination of particular weaving structures and excellent membranes gives the fabric enhanced durability and 2-way or 4-way stretch performance.

  • Low Minimums

    Trial productions with low quantity to 80-100 meters, allows you to implement any pilot runs.






Related Hazards

Electrical Arc


Welding Spark

Heat & Flame


Low Visibility

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