Tech FR HV

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60% Modacrylic, 38% Cotton, 2% Anti-Static,
Comfortable, Durable, Multi-norms protection, Fluorescent color

Tech FR AS Twill fabrics is inherent fire resistant woven fabric with antistatic yarn in the grid. This multi-norm protective fabric is modacrylic cotton blends for FR clothing, is mostly used for industries of chemical, welding, electrical utility, oil gas. It provides protection against heat and flame, electrical arc, chemical splash, molten metal splash.

  • Flame Retardant
  • Static Electricity Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Welding Protection
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • High Visibility

Overview of Tech FR HV

Article No.Fiber BlendsFabric WeightGarment TypesPPE Standards
WKT-HV-ASModacrylic/Cotton/AS270 g/m², 310 g/m²Pants, Jackets, Coveralls
WKT-HV-PlusModacrylic/Cotton/Aramid200 g/m², RipstopShirt, Pants
WKT-HV-Plus-ASModacrylic/Cotton/Aramid/AS(White)RipstopShirt, Pants
WKT-HV-CModacrylic/FR Viscose/Aramid260 g/m²Pants, Jackets, Coveralls
WKT-HV-Plus-ASModacrylic/Cotton/Aramid/Polyester/AS305 g/m²Pants, Jackets, Coveralls
WKS-HV-CModacrylic/FR Viscose/Cotton/Aramid270 g/m², SatinPants, Jackets, Coveralls


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