oil & gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is a complex sector that involves many different types of work duties.

Workers are at risk of exposure to open flames, flammable gases, and chemical liquids. Transport and handling of these flammable substances can be dangerous.

There are a number of common workplace hazards in this industry, including:

  • Heat and flame hazards
  • Explosion of combustible substances
  • Chemical liquids spills
  • Welding sparks
  • Roadway transportation

It’s important that workers are protected from these potential hazards. Protective clothing that meets the relevant safety PPE standards can help to reduce workplace accidents and injuries.

The flame-resistant fabric is necessary to meet EN 11612 & EN 11611 standards for heat and flame protection. The fabric also needs to meet EN 13034 standards for chemical splash and EN 20471 for high visibility.

WOKI® FR fabrics provide a cost-effective solution for the oil & gas industry, the fabrics offer lightweight protection with comfort and durability.


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related hazards

Heat & Flame

Open flame and heat stress

Chemical Splash

Leakage of acidic & alkaline substances

Low Visibility

Transportation at daytime and night time.


Explosion caused by electrostatic charge

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